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At WPS Disaster Management Solutions, we know that building emergency personnel and occupants rarely devote the time and commitment required to read their emergency plan manuals or participate in necessary training and drills.

Utilizing more than four decades of experience, we are excited to deliver your building’s vital plan information directly to your building staff, tenants and occupants through their mobile devices with the innovative WPS Evac app.

By empowering you and your building’s management, staff, tenants and occupants with the most advanced fire and life safety app technology, we can ensure that they will never find themselves worried, unsure of what to do, where to go, or who to call when an emergency incident occurs at their building.

The WPS Evac app is powered by our proprietary WPS Evac software and automatically updates the app information in real-time to enhance accuracy and reliability. In addition to vital building information, the app offers numerous life-saving features such as one-touch evacuation check-in, alert reporting and emergency occupant roll call (via SMS/voice).

By using the WPS Evac App, your building’s safety plans are more accessible, practical and effective.

For example, if a document needs to be modified, you will no longer need to order a selection of newly printed documents and distribute them to relevant occupants/employees. All information can now be updated digitally, keeping your distributed plans updated and accurate based on current standards.

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wpsevac building app

Quick Login and Sync—Automatically sync login credentials and new building data with wpsevac software.

 Emergency Procedures—Displays building-specific procedures to your registered personnel based on their roles (staff, warden, occupant, etc.).

Evacuation Report—Real-time evacuation updates from wardens or residents using the “All Clear” or “Report Alert” buttons.

Building Information—Includes all building information on fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and other equipment. This information can be used to assist building personnel and first responders to maximize safety.

Persons Requiring Assistance (PRA)—With a touch of a button, you can quickly add, identify, and view a list of pre-registered PRAs.

Mass Broadcasting—Quickly broadcast an email or SMS to all registered personnel or groups. A message can be sent to alert occupants of an emergency incident, building operation disruption or upcoming emergency training.

Emergency Contacts—Instantly contact all registered personnel groups in the event of an emergency.

On-demand Training—Easy access to fire safety training and other emergency response training. Buildings with multi-hazard plans will include training for other threats.

Emergency Roll Call—Never assume all your employees or residents have safely evacuated the building, with one click send a SMS/Voice message to all your employees or residents and quickly receive a confirmation reply as to their evacuation status. This one feature will save lives.

This Feature Will Save Lives

Maintaining open lines of communication is crucial during emergency situations. The Roll Call feature allows occupants to provide constant updates regarding their whereabouts and well-being to emergency personnel.

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