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State-of-the-Art Planning Procedures To Meet Your Building-Specific Needs

Every building is vulnerable to incidents, which is why good emergency planning goes a long way to help minimize risks and keep occupants protected. With the onus directly placed on the owner to protect building occupants, it’s imperative that you consult with your local fire department or a company that specializes in fire safety planning and implementation to keep occupants safe and your liability risks low.

WPS offers over 40 years of expertise in developing building-specific fire safety plans and working with hundreds of fire jurisdictions across North America. To ensure we can scale our capabilities and services, we have developed our own proprietary plan and management software that allows us to produce and support building plans efficiently and accurately across Canada and the United States.

Our proven fire and life safety programs, along with the advanced software tools we provide, will greatly reduce your liability risks and enhance the safety of all of your building occupants.

As a property owner or manager, you must always be prepared and plan for potential threats to building occupants. In addition to creating, implementing and managing fire safety plans, WPS develops multi-hazard emergency and disaster plans based on a nationally recognized planning standard known as Incident Command System (ICS).

Similar to our fire safety plan, our multi-hazard plans include role-specific emergency procedures and cover multiple life threatening situations, including:

– Fires
– Earthquakes
– Tornadoes
– Bomb threats
– Suspicious packages
– Explosions
– Aircraft impacts
– External hazmat/shelter-in-place
– Power failure
– Civil unrest
– Personal violence
– Pandemic
– Medical emergencies
– Power failure
– Armed/violent intruders

How Do We Manage Building Safety Risks?

Prepare for and effectively manage a range of emergencies and disasters.

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We offer four levels of fire and multi-hazard safety planning discounts when referring properties managed by the same company.

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