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Fire Safety Plans

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Contrary to popular belief, a building is not compliant or protected simply because they have a fire safety plan. This plan must comply with several safety standards and be readily available to occupants for the building to be fully compliant, and it is the guide that building occupants must follow in the event of a fire. It is the responsibility of the building owner or manager to ensure that a valid fire safety plan is in place to optimize the safety of all occupants.

Each fire safety plan we design is based on local fire code requirements to ensure compliance with all applicable standards. Every plan we provide is submitted to local jurisdictional authorities to ensure your properties meet your legal obligations.

Each of our building fire safety plans include role-specific emergency procedures available using the WPS Evac App, ensuring all emergency personnel have the confidence and knowledge to immediately and effectively respond to an emergency incident. Our fire safety plans are designed to improve efficiency levels and enhance occupant survivability.

WPS offers an ongoing maintenance program to ensure that your building’s fire safety plans are updated regularly to ensure your occupants are prepared to respond to any emergencies that occur.

Available in the WPS Evac App

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