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Our WPS Evac software is a custom proprietary building fire and life safety solution that is designed to enhance the overall safety of building occupants and to reduce liability for building owners, property management and tenants.

Our WPS Evac software makes it easy for buildings to comply with applicable standards and codes. Over the past 10+ years, thousands of buildings across the country have been using WPS Evac software to eliminate the worry and stress associated with administering and implementing their building emergency plans, personnel training and drills.

WPS Evac software will completely revolutionize your building fire and life safety program. You will no longer need to worry about adhering to fire safety plan code requirements, replacing outdated manuals, distributing new manuals, certifying tenant floor wardens and maintaining lists for persons requiring assistance (PRA).

WPS Evac software includes three easy-to-use application levels to ensure tasks and responsibilities are shared by all stakeholders:

Corporate – helps monitor fire safety plan compliance of your entire building portfolio (by region or by building type). Full transparency and accountability of every building.

Manager – helps monitor fire safety plan compliance on a single building. Auto-generated alert reminders of key tasks to ensure plan regulations are completed as required.

Tenant – helps monitor fire safety plan compliance of tenant duties and responsibilities. Key task alerts to ensure they appoint and maintain their floor warden team members and are aware of persons requiring assistance (PRA).

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Let Our Team Establish a Safety Plan That Meets Your Building-Specific Needs

At WPS, we understand that it can be difficult to construct an effective, in-depth emergency plan that accounts for every potential threat to your building. It can be even harder to ensure that your emergency plans are constantly updated and meet all the necessary requirements.

If you do not have the time or personnel to administer, implement and manage your building’s fire and safety program, WPS Evac Plus may be the perfect solution for you.

With Evac Plus, WPS Disaster Management Solutions will administer and monitor your building’s fire and safety program on a regular, ongoing basis. With WPS Evac Plus, our team can offer your building the following services:

-Monitoring your building wpsevac account monthly (per a defined set of tasks).

-Launching the Tenant Program to your tenants and provide necessary online support to get started.

-Monitoring defined tasks and sending follow-up email notices to the tenants when required.

-Monitoring and tracking mandatory training requirements for building staff and tenants.

-Sending email notices to building staff and tenants regarding upcoming training or drills for the building.

-Sending follow-up email notices to tenants to ensure emergency personnel attendance is recorded.

-Periodically sending email notices and reminders to the building fire and life safety director for new tenant updates, personnel changes, and training/drill dates.

By choosing WPS Evac Plus, you can save lives while minimizing corporate liability risks, even if you do not have an abundance of time or personnel.

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