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Cost-Effective Emergency Planning

WPS is dedicated to improving your building’s fire and life safety plans, reducing your liability risks, and reducing the time you spend managing your building portfolio’s emergency management plans. We are proud to offer discounts to property owners who are committed to prioritizing their occupants’ well-being with industry-leading fire and life safety plans.

Corporate Discount Plans

WPS offers a corporate discount plan to buildings that are operated by the same property management company within Canada or the United States. With incremental discounts ranging from 10% – 25% off, our corporate discount plan provides an advantageous solution for protecting your building and its occupants while offering your business significant savings.

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Get a Free Year’s Software Subscription

In addition to our corporate discount plan, WPS offers a significant discount for property owners and managers who purchase a fire or multi-hazard safety plan from WPS.

Purchase your plan today and receive a free software subscription to all of WPS’s life-saving software and applications. This includes full access to our cutting-edge WPS Evac Software, Building App, and Link App at no cost.

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Saving Lives and Money

At WPS, we have one mission: to ensure building emergency personnel and occupants can respond confidently and safely to life-threatening incidents that may occur at their workplace or home.

We cherish the valuable relationships that we have formed with numerous building managers and property management companies over the years. For that reason, we are proud to provide our clients with affordable emergency management solutions at discounted rates.


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