Evacuation Signs with Emergency Procedures

Building evacuation signage is not only required by most local fire authorities, they will always serve as a constant reminder to the building occupants and visitors the importance of being prepared and knowing how to evacuate the building. Have you ever thought about how you would find your way to the exits if you could not see them? Building occupants and visitors are not always familiar enough with their surroundings to navigate themselves towards a safe exit during an emergency. These factors need to be considered when selecting the type of emergency evacuation signage you are installing in your buildings.

Among the evacuation signs offered by WPS the most effective are the photoluminescent, or glow in the dark, series. These signs are strategically placed throughout a facility to help foster a successful evacuation no matter what the circumstances. As power outages often occur during a fire or other disaster, regular evacuation signs become difficult to locate and read, rendering them useless. WPS’ photoluminescent signs glow in the dark, making them visible even during a power outage.

Below are pictures of the Evacuations sign frames we offer. Brushed Metal and Acrylic, both are available with a photoluminescent or brushed metal insert.  Standard backing (CAD artwork included).

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