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WPS Disaster Management Solutions provides emergency planning and response solutions that you cannot find anywhere else. We are committed to saving lives with practical training, plans and software that optimize safety in any type of building or facility. At WPS Disaster Management Solutions, our mission is to enhance the life safety of building occupants by empowering the “true” first responders. These first responders include building managers, building engineers, security and everyday occupants. The procedures established and initiated by these first responders drastically influence the outcome of an emergency. That is why we provide comprehensive emergency plans, training programs and innovative software to maximize the potential for positive outcomes in the event of an emergency.

why wps

What Makes us Different?

WPS Disaster Management Solutions has been in business for more than four decades. Over this time, we have developed effective fire and life safety planning products and proprietary software solutions for building owners and property management companies. Our building fire and life safety solutions are implemented at thousands of buildings across Canada and the United States. We provide complete solutions for commercial offices, multi-housing residential complexes, light industrial buildings, shopping malls, schools, care facilities and more. Our highly acclaimed and experienced team is proud to provide all of our clients with:

– Emergency management resources tailored to property managers

– Thorough emergency training by industry professionals

– End-to-end support – reach us by phone or using our simple online form

– Over 40 years of experience in emergency preparedness

Does Your Workplace Meet Safety Obligations?

As safety standards change and evolve, it is important to keep your building compliant and up to date. With more than 40 years of experience, we possess a deep understanding of safety standards for all types of buildings and facilities. Our team will work with you to ensure that your safety plan is always up to date and keep you prepared for any emergency. Read more about the importance of property safety plans and keeping your building up to code


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