Emergency Vests

Emergency Personnel Identifier Vests

Individually labeled and reflective vests will help all facility emergency and supervisory personnel command immediate authority in the event of a fire or other disaster. Personnel wearing vests automatically command attention and are easily recognizable as figures of authority, more-so than someone wearing an Identification arm band or Warden hat. These vests are color-coded for easy recognition during an emergency, enabling all employees to quickly and easily identify who is in charge. Vests are one-size-fits-most and may not be exactly as pictured. During an emergency it is handy to have various personnel identify themselves using a clearly visible means.

Click on the vests below to see enlarged images and descriptions of the following vests: All Vests are $26.50 U.S. each.  One size fits most.  There is a minimum order requirement of $200 U.S.(8 vests) required.

Emergency Whistles

emergency whistle

(NEW) You want to make sure your emergency personnel can be easily identified but equally important you want to make sure they can be heard. During an emergency incident the noise level is amplified making it very hard for you emergency personnel to be heard so please consider supplying each of them with a very effective and inexpensive 115 dB Pealess Whistle, these can be easily attached to the clip on the vests.

There is a minimum order requirement of 12 Whistles required.

Each product available for purchase online. Click the pic below to open the shop:

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