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Provide First Responders With Critical Building information Before an Incident Occurs



wpsevac link app

WPS Disaster Management Solutions is dedicated to helping building owners and property management companies comply with fire safety standards and codes. We strive to ensure that building emergency personnel and occupants are prepared and ready to respond when needed.

We know the response and success of your local fire services can be dependent on access to current vital building information. We also know that this information is not always up to date or readily available. In some cases, it may even be completely unavailable. Nearly 50% of the time, firefighters need to go into a building without a fire plan or with an extremely outdated plan.

Our mission is to enhance building life safety by supporting local fire services with new mobile app technology.

For that reason, we have spent several years developing the innovative WPS Evac Link App. This one-of-a-kind app is designed to deliver vital building information directly to the mobile devices of firefighters to ensure they understand your building’s layout before entering. Floorplans, electrical shut offs, water shut offs and fire suppression systems are some examples of the information provided to firefighters by the WPS Evac Link App before they arrive on scene.

As noted by the name, the WPS Evac Link App links with the information stored in the WPS Evac software and building app. This makes it easy for first responders to obtain the information they need to save lives. This app is currently in beta testing, but we are excited to release it soon.

Enabling First Responders

Providing the necessary information and tools to local first responders is an important measure in protecting your building and occupants. If your fire department is interested in learning more about this new app technology, please call us at 1-800-545-9028 or email

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