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For more than four decades, WPS Disaster Management Solutions has been developing fire and life safety plans commercial and multi-family residential buildings. Our building fire and life safety solutions are specifically designed to empower the true first responders—occupants near or in the building at the time of the emergency incident—who can dramatically influence the outcome of an emergency by following carefully planned safety policies and procedures.

To this end, our team at WPS Disaster Management Solutions works tirelessly to develop and implement plans, training, and software applications to bring life-saving into the hands of building management, staff, and residents.

Promote Multi-Family Residential Building Safety

Reduce your liability risks while increasing occupant accountability with digital paper trails and in-depth fire and life safety planning tools.


Save Lives With Roll Call

WPS provides a comprehensive app and software package that includes our life-saving Roll Call feature. In the event you are informed of a confirmed fire condition at your building, Roll Call allows you to initiate a mass SMS or TTS broadcast to all occupants to confirm if they have evacuated or need assistance.

Ensure Your Residents Are Prepared

We can help you ensure that your building occupants know where to go, what to do, and who to call in the event of an emergency. Our team of experts can help you develop and implement building-specific plans, training, and solutions that keep your occupants safe.

Mitigate Liability Risks

The WPS App and Software package empowers your building staff and occupants with on-demand training, complete floor and evacuation plans, and more. And, with all of your building’s emergency training and planning digitized, you can mitigate liability risks with detailed, up-to-date records of emergency response planning and training.

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